Quotes & Testimonials

It was great to work with Chinwag and UK Trade & Investment to bring together Pitch NYC. The high-growth UK startups featured at the event are a great example of promising companies expanding to the US market. Making transatlantic connections and taking opportunities to showcase top UK startups to an international audience is so important for the tech ecosystem, and we were glad to continue that mission with Pitch NYC.” 
Daniel Glazer, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati


“Pitch NYC uncovers and showcases rising UK based startups in front of relevant U.S. Investors.  Pitch NYC, as part of the UK Tech City initiative, gets better every year as a platform for UK startups and U.S. Investors to establish meaningful relationships.”
Joyce Shen, Thomson Reuters


“Pitch NYC was a perfect combination of preparation, peer networking, and exposure to funding sources.  Our exposure to an additional wide range of potential venture capital, private equity, and corporate investors has helped to bring the final phase of our funding process to a head.”
Richard Maton, Sybenetix


“If you are a UK start-up looking at launching in the US, Pitch NYC is a great programme to accelerate and assure success. Over the course of a few weeks, we were introduced to a number of experts and mentors that helped navigate through various US legal, tax, and employment considerations. We also were able to make several connections with US brands, partners and investors that ordinarily would have been difficult outside of the programme.”
Mark Kanji, Loyalive


I am very grateful to the organizers for providing a quality investment platform. Through Pitch NYC, I have found and approached two very good projects.
Peter Deng, Goldman Sachs